Shreyas Gupta

Student, Tech Lover and Programmer


I’m a student who is enthusiastic about technology and programming. I am currently interning as a Product Engineer at Sprinklr and studying Information Technology at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. I grew up in Haridwar and did my schooling from Delhi Public School, Ranipur. I learned the basics of programming from school and then explored the Internet to expand my knowledge and understanding of various languages and concepts.

Other than that I’m a Sub-25 Speedcuber, Avid Gamer(favourites being CS:GO, Valorant, Minecraft) and a FaZe Clan CS:GO Fan! A lot of my free time goes into coding, browsing Reddit, running or watching anime.

With reference to programming, I’m experienced with NodeJS, Python, HTML&CSS, C++, Git, SQL, Bash. Also getting into Golang, Typescript and Java.
I love to explore and learn basics of new techologies be it Kubernetes and Docker or Smart Contracts on Ethereum.
I'm a frequent open-source contributor to many projects and I open-source my own projects aswell. My Github Profile is linked in the footer.

You can see my projects and their corresponding links on the Projects page below.



Impedia is an appeal management system for communication of student issues to respective faculties.

JavaScript  0


CalIIITA is a scheduling app that keeps track of all the events that happen in IIITA and helps you manage your time effectively! The backend API is built with Nodejs(Express) and Firebase while the frontend app is an Android Application

JavaScript  1


Introducing PuzzleDash! A completely free alternative for playing Chess Puzzle Rush, a popular paid Chesscom feature where you are challenged to solve a series of chess puzzles with increasing difficulty in limited time.

JavaScript  2


CLI Image Captioning Tool or Meme Generator which automatically adds whitespace and text to top

Python  30  4


Thanos API: API that returns Thanos quotes. Built in ExpressJS in Node

JavaScript  14  4


A live map visualizer of COVID-19 cases in India. Built using p5.js and mappa.js

JavaScript  2


ChessOnline is an online multiplayer chess webapp built using and Expressjs(Nodejs)

JavaScript  0


A Notes WebApp(like Google Docs) built in Django using Python (with user system)

Python  0


A Rubik's Cube timer built with Tkinter in Python (saves old times and shows stats)

Python  1